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Hospital Planning & Infrastructure (H.P.I) is India’s only all-encompassing, business-to-business Expo & Summit devoted to the Planning, Designing & Infrastructural needs of the Indian Healthcare sector. It is an Exclusive Trade Fair for the Healthcare Infrastructure industry bringing together senior industry buyers including key budget holders, policy makers & investors who represent the real power behind the development of world class healthcare facilities in South Asia.


HHAC 2018

 The Hosmac Healthcare Architecture Competition (HHAC 2018) for students all over India is a part of the Hospital Planning & Infrastructure Exhibition & Summit organized by Ideas Exchange. It is the third edition of architecture competitions, instituted since 2016. The first successful round of student competitions in 2016 revolved around the design of a ‘Rural Community Healthcare Center’. The second round of student competitions in 2017 dealt with the question on ‘How do we imagine a center for the assisted living?’


The third edition of All India Architectural student competition HHAC 2018 is aimed at students designing Children’s Hospitals and Research Centre. 


H.P.I. Healthcare Awards 2018 will recognise the most enterprising healthcare providers across two categories:

  • Best Hospital for Innovative Technology Intervention 

Hospitals are not generally known to imbibe innovative technology interventions in improving its efficiency of service delivery, be it bedside clinical care or user comfort when they traverse the hospital across various departments. Many hospitals have tried to use IT to their advantage which has helped them to cut process cycle time, transmit information faster, and connect with their patients better. On the other hand some have improved the way they transport material across the building or design their building engineering in a manner that improves patient experience.

HPI has decided to institute a new category of award to recognize such enterprising healthcare providers and to promote innovation.

  • Best  façade design for healthcare buildings

The building envelope remains one of the most important exterior elements for building functionality. While the façade is an elegant component that helps to define the unique architectural aesthetics of the building, it also has the critical role related to energy performance and interior function of a building.

The award will recognize a hospital which fulfils the following parameters:

  • Low cost design

  • Using of innovative materials

  • Façade breathing

  • Performance and life of façade

  • Better aesthetic values which are timeless



  • The three day summit’s theme this year is “Delivering the future of healthcare delivery: smart and sustainable”. The focus is to analyse what will transform and disrupt the delivery of healthcare services in the coming years.

  • Technology Platform: The technology pavilion at our upcoming H.P.I. Exhibition will showcase innovative healthcare companies along with healthcare IT leaders who will share insights on how technology integration is reshaping the landscape of healthcare delivery in India. 

  •  The Exhibition at HPI is India's largest platform for buyers and sellers of healthcare services and solutions. It’s a chance to showcase your range of services & products to a diverse set of audience and discuss how can you deliver healthcare in the most efficient and cost effective way.


H.P.I. Summit is the ideal place to network & learn from some of the best leaders in the healthcare industry. Our three day summit is witnessed by major healthcare players & also addresses topics that focus on hospital design, planning & infrastructure development. The 5th edition of H.P.I. focuses on delivering the future of healthcare: smart & sustainable


1. Embracing disruptive innovation: using technology to transform your healthcare organisation 


2. Uberisation Indian healthcare system. Challenges and opportunities posed by the tele-health 


3. Video killed the radio star- What will and is disrupting the healthcare delivery sector? 


4. How best to retrofit or expand your healthcare facility and make it future ready?

          . Review best practices to build, renovate and expand healthcare facilities

          . Analysing procurement of right medical equipment with hospital planning


5. Hospital and investor perspective on investing in healthcare facilities

     . Identify key financial risk considerations and how can they be mitigated

     . Gain insight into regulatory and accreditation frameworks and their effect on healthcare project investment

     . Evaluate the role of government entities in healthcare infrastructure financing

     . Understand the current barriers to investment and how to minimise them


6. Operating costs Vs Profitability:

     .  Discuss the implications building engineering, technology and facility operations have on building cost

     .  Identify ways of cutting cost in construction and improving healthcare operational system efficiency by design

     .  Understanding the importance of how to design and promote healthy decisions


7.Healthcare tourism: Analysing the bigger picture here!

With the initiation of smart city initiatives and Digital India program, India is growing leaps and bounds in terms of delivering the future of living. Its about time to position our cities and showcase the facilities to rest of the world to attract tourism facilitators from around the world. This session will explore how can India hospitals their services to international services.